Kinexology Affiliate Marketing Program

Program Overview & FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Kinexology affiliate program!

By joining our program, as a valued affiliate partner, you can earn commissions by promoting our Pilates teacher training courses: What You Say Matters, The Aging Client, and Virtual Virtuoso. As our partner, feel confident that our programs are based on proven research from Motor Learning and Bio Behavioral Science. We have high standards for the content we develop and share. It is our mission to help as many Pilates instructors as possible become more confident in their teaching and in themselves, build the book of business that they want, and have fun teaching again!


Frequently Asked Questions about the Kinexology Marketing Affiliate Program

How do I join?

To apply for our affiliate program, please read through the FAQs and Terms & Conditions, and then click the link below to start your application.

What is Kinexology's commission rate?

As our affiliate, you will be able to earn up to 10% of the price of the course after any coupons or discounts for each new course registration you drive. 

How do I refer new subscribers?

As you create content about Kinexology courses, and link to our school, your referrals are tracked and managed by the Teachable affiliate platform. When a student enrolls in one of our courses, you receive credit for the referral.

What are some suggestions to earn more with Kinexology?

As an affiliate partner, we will provide you with a set of tools and assets to help successfully promote Kinexology. We understand that prospective customers are drawn to content, and to that end, we have course sampling program for qualified members of the industry and media. Prospective affiliates are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and once approved for the sampling program, will receive special access to select Kinexology courses. 

Is there a minimum in referral fees (commissions) I must earn to receive a payment?

There is no minimum you need to earn to receive your payment.

Is there a maximum I can earn?

Currently there is no maximum limit to what an Integrated Teaching System affiliate partner can earn.

How do I get paid?

Our affiliate platform, Teachable, automatically distributes affiliate commissions every 30 days on the first business day of the month.

Do you offer recurring revenue? 

Kinexology affiliates earn commissions based on individual course sales, not school registrations, so you can earn commissions when students enroll in multiple courses as long as your cookie is active.

I’m outside the U.S. Can I sign up for the Kinexology affiliate program?


How do I track my earnings?

Once you’re approved to as an affiliate partner, you’ll receive instructions for logging into your Teachable account. From inside your account, click on “Affiliate” to access your personal dashboard. 

How long will this program be in place?

We recently launched the Kinexology affiliate program and anticipate that it will continue for the foreseeable future.


I have more questions, who should I contact?

Please direct any questions to [email protected]

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Payout Details

The standard affiliate commission is 10% of the course price after any discounts or coupons. As course prices vary, your commission earnings will vary. Commissions are paid every 30 days on the first business day of the month.

Qualified Referrals

Referral credit is calculated based on “last click” attribution. The referral window is 90 days based on a 90-day cookie. 


Commissions are processed in US dollars. 

Media Partner Tracking Pixel

Kinexology DOES NOT allow marketing affiliates to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is completed.

Kinexology Paid Search Policies

The Kinexology affiliate program prohibits bidding on following types of terms: 

Brand terms, including misspellings and variations

These include, but are not limited to: Kinexology, KinexologyMethod,, Kinexology courses, Kinexology workshop, What You Say Matters, The Aging Client, Virtual Virtuoso.

Brand + Related Terms

These include, but are not limited to Kinexology coupon, Kinexology discount, Kinexology course discount, What You Say Matters discount, The Aging Client discount, Virtual Virtuoso discount, What You Say Matters coupon, What You Say Matters reviews, The Aging Client coupon, The Aging Client reviews, Virtual Virtuoso coupon, Virtual Virtuoso reviews, Kinexology reviews, etc.

Graphic design elements should not copy the look and feel of Kinexology except in instances where Kinexology has shared specific design assets with the Affilate.

Failure to comply with these policies may lead to your removal from the program and reversal of any commissions. 

Promo Code Terms

  • Kinexology has a “by-invitation-only” Ambassador Rewards program that periodically distributes specific promotional codes. Said promotional codes are reserved for use and onward distribution by members of the Ambassador Rewards program only
  • From time to time we issue promotional codes to marketing affiliates
  • Distribution of promotional codes that are not specific to your account is prohibited and commissions associated with said codes are subject to reversal
  • Any webpage dedicated to Kinexology communication must have a NOINDEX tag
  • Affiliates are required to be transparent about all coupon code value and imbedded links. Promo codes and directive links should be visible to the user and should not be hidden behind “click here” or “post reveal” links.