Kinexology Ambassador Rewards 

Program Overview & FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Ambassador Rewards!

If you've taken one of our courses or workshops, or you have a demonstrable commitment to Pilates continuing education, you are eligible to apply for our Ambassador Rewards program.

Kinexology Ambassadors help promote our courses. As an Ambassador you are automatically enrolled in our affiliate marketing program where you can earn commissions by promoting our Pilates teacher training courses: What You Say Matters, The Aging Client, and Virtual Virtuoso. Our programs are based on proven research from Motor Learning and Bio Behavioral Science, and we have high standards for the content we develop and share. It is our mission to help as many Pilates instructors as possible become more confident in their teaching and in themselves, build the book of business that they want, and have fun teaching again!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kinexology Ambassador Rewards Program

How do I join?

Most Kinexology Ambassadors are invited to the program; however, students who successfully complete one of our courses are eligible to apply. Ambassadors must be certified Pilates instructors with at least one year of teaching experience. 

What are the expectations of Ambassadors?

Ambassadors serve as messengers for the Kinexology brand and philosophy. As an Ambassador you will help promote Kinexology courses to your network. Ambassadors are automatically enrolled in our affiliate marketing program, enabling them to earn up to 10% commission for each new course registration they drive.

How do I refer new students?

As you create content about Kinexology courses, and link to our school, your referrals are tracked and managed by the Teachable affiliate platform. When a student enrolls in one of our courses, you receive credit for the referral.

What is the best way to promote Kinexology courses?

We will provide you with a set of tools and assets that you can use to share information about Kinexology offerings. The best way to promote our courses is by showing how they have helped you become a better Pilates Instructor, and how the concepts and methodology have helped your students progress. Case studies, testimonials, Q&A sessions, social media posts, video endorsements, and general word of mouth are the best way to get the message out there. From time to time we provide our Ambassadors with promo codes they can distribute to members of their network. These codes are unique to each Ambassador so that your referrals can be credited to you.

Is there a minimum in referral fees (commissions) I must earn to receive a payment?

There is no minimum you need to earn to receive your payment.

Is there a maximum I can earn?

Currently there is no maximum limit to what an Kinexology affiliate partner can earn.

How do I get paid?

Our affiliate platform, Teachable, automatically distributes affiliate commissions every 30 days on the first business day of the month.

I’m outside the U.S. Can I be an Ambassador?


How do I track my earnings?

Once you’re approved to as an Ambassador you will be invited to our affiliate program. From inside your account, click on “Affiliate” to access your personal dashboard. 

I have more questions, who should I contact?

Please direct any questions to