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  • You're frustrated because clients don’t remember anything from week to week
  • You're tired of giving the same cue to the same client during the same exercises every week
  • You feel stuck with your teaching
  • You wish your clients would come in more often and be more committed
  • It feels like your clients aren’t listening to you

If you're nodding your head yes, then it's probably time to add some new techniques to your teaching toolkit.

Our signature course, What You Say Matters, can help you with all of these frustrations by providing you with a toolkit in your back-pocket that will make every session you teach interesting and fun no matter what type of client you’re working with. And if you're looking for a shorter intro to motor learning theory with immediate application to your older students, check out our webinar workshop, The Aging Client. For studios and instructors looking for proven methodologies for teaching online classes, Virtual Virtuoso delivers in a 60-minute workshop.
Kinexology Method delivers on-demand continuing education for Pilates instructors who want to take their teaching skills to the next level!


Virtual Virtuoso

Whether you've got clients who travel frequently for work, or you're transitioning clients to virtual sessions to address social distancing requirements, there are research-based techniques that can help you optimize your teaching plan for the virtual environment.

This 60-minute, online workshop is offered in two editions to address the needs of studio owners seeking a standard framework for their teaching staff (Virtual Virtuoso - Studio Edition) and independent instructors transitioning their private clients to online teaching (Virtual Virtuoso - Instructor Edition).

Kinexology Method: What You Say Matters

Do you feel like you are giving the same corrections to your clients week after week and are not seeing progress in their performance? What You Say Matters provides you with a systematic approach to teaching your clients based on motor learning theory research that is proven to enhance skill acquisition and retention. You will learn what is the optimal amount of cueing for a client and how cues should be constructed with a system that can be applied to beginner clients through advanced.

After this course, you will have a research-backed approach to teaching your clients that will increase their ability to progress as well as achieve their fitness goals in and outside of the Pilates studio. This course is intended for comprehensively certified instructors with a minimum of one year of teaching experience.

Are your older clients struggling to grasp key exercises or to follow your cues? Our 60-minute webinar workshop dives into concepts that will help you teach to this population of students more effectively. You'll learn about changes to the brain that impact learning ability in older adults, as well as techniques you can use to be more effective in your sessions.