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Learn the bio-behavioral method of teaching that accelerates student learning and progress.

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What You Say Matters has been approved for 10 CECs and is now available on demand!

“This course was a great investment. A fabulous way to start off 2020, and it’s strengthening my business because my clients are more engaged and getting better. Everybody’s winning!”

— Paige, Cohort 2 / January 2020

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What You Say Matters covers key motor learning theory concepts that are proven to enhance your teaching. Each week you'll tackle a new topic using a mix of video demonstrations, written assignments, homework, and quizzes.


Week 1: Types of Feedback

  • Learn what Motor Learning is and it's application to Pilates
  • Types of Feedback in Motor Learning
  • The important difference between motivational comments, prompts and augmented feedback in learning of exercises for clients

Week 2: Teach More By Talking Less

  • More feedback is not better for learning. Learn about the guidance hypothesis.
  • Learn the systematic approach for how to reduce your feedback to client to promote and enhance learning of the Pilates method (bandwidth reduction, summary feedback, average feedback reduction)
  • Learn the benefits of this implementation for you as a teacher and a client

Week 3: Corrections Under Construction

  • Learn how to increase the quality of cues
  • Learn to train your eye to see imbalances in the body
  • Develop a systematic approach to deliver these cues to enhance learning
  • Learn how these implementations will benefit you and your clients

Week 4: Reinforcement, Tone, and Timing

  • Learn the difference between Positive and Negative Feedback
  • Learn if “negative” feedback is really negative
  • Learn a systematic way to present negative feedback to promote learning

Week 5: Everything Else But the Verbal Feedback

  • Learn if Demonstration of exercises is beneficial to learning exercises rooted in motor learning theory
  • Learn how manual corrections are not beneficial to learning and retaining exercises.
  • Learn how the use of props can be extremely beneficial for a client to learn a skill and correction
  • Learn how to program with exercises to help promote skill learning

Week 6: What Did I Just Learn?

  • Review material learned in previous modules
  • Take home points of how this methodology of teaching will benefit you as a teacher as well as your clients

“Before this course, while my clients thought of me as a good teacher and I agreed, I don’t think I had quite found my personal style - and this was after years of teaching. I also needed more confidence in my teaching, and knew I could do more to help my clients to reach their goals. After this course I am definitely more confident in my teaching.”

— Tara, Cohort 2 / January 2020


When does the course start and finish?
What You Say Matters has been upgraded to on-demand access, so you can start whenever it's convenient for you. The course runs for six consecutive weeks from the time you enroll. Each week you'll receive a link to the latest course module, and you have unlimited access to content after purchase, so if you fall behind there is ample opportunity to catch up and complete it.

For how long do I have access to the course?
How does "for a lifetime" sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices.

Is this course approved by the PMA for continuing education?
Yes! We are excited to announce that What You Say Matters was recently approved for 10 CECs!

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We hope you find the content in What You Say Matters as valuable as we do. We are sorry but we do not offer refunds on our courses.

What if I can’t find a client to film?
No worries at all--just ask a friend or a family member. The video reviews are all about you and how you teach, so it doesn’t matter if film yourself teaching mat or reformer as the same concepts apply to all of your teaching regardless of the equipment. Also, it doesn’t matter what level client you film as we talk about all of the different experience levels in the course.

Can I apply these concepts to sessions that I teach online?
Yes, the concepts taught in What You Say Matters are highly applicable for virtual teaching. Because the course focuses on how to construct better cues, corrections, and feedback, the skills you develop will make you a better teacher in any environment.

I already completed Virtual Virtuoso. Is this course relevant?
What You Say Matters is a more comprehensive course that tackles a wider variety of issues at a much deeper level of theory and application. If you liked Virtual Virtuoso and want to take your teaching to an even higher level of mastery, then this course is for you.

Do I have to be classically certified to take the course?
Nope! This method of teaching focuses on the verbal feedback that you give to a client, not just the exercise or how to do the exercise. Therefore, What You Say Matters is applicable to ALL different types of Pilates certifications. For reference, I will use Classical Pilates exercises in some of the videos and examples because that is my certification, but all certifications are welcome to take the course!

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Kinexology Method
Kinexology Method

The Kinexology Method Courses are geared towards a Pilates instructor’s perspective on teaching. We focus on theories and topics that will improve the teaching of Pilates for you and your students.

Every course is rooted in Motor Learning research, and is interactive with information, worksheets, homework, and quizzes to ensure maximum understanding and conceptual retention. Each course will give you a “system” that you can apply to your teaching immediately, so clients will begin to see results quickly.

Each course was developed and is presented by Chelsea Corley who holds a Master's Degree in Biobehavioral Science in Motor Learning and Control from Columbia University, Teachers College. She is a Romana's Pilates Certified instructor and has been utilizing Motor Learning Theory in her Pilates instruction for years. Learn from one of the experts in the field and change your teaching for the better!